Out-of-hours GPs face flood of calls – please use wisely

December 2014

Shropdoc, the out-of-hours GP service for Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin is currently facing unprecedented demand. 

Over 600 people called the service in the last 24 hours– as many calls as they would normally get in a full weekend.

But many of the calls could be dealt with elsewhere. In particular a large number of callers are either asking for repeat prescriptions or want to be treated for cold and flu-like symptoms.

 Dr Caron Morton, Accountable Officer for Shropshire CCG said: “Shropdoc are dealing with the calls but they are triaging them – quite rightly dealing with the most urgent first.

“People needing repeat prescriptions will normally be low on the priority list. If you need a repeat prescription the best advice is to use your local pharmacist. They can very often issue urgently needed medicines, particularly if you are a regular customer.

“People who have heavy colds are also best getting over the counter remedies from their local pharmacy – there is nothing more effective that a GP can prescribe for a cold.”

People looking for their nearest open pharmacy can use the NHS Choices website:

http://www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/Pharmacy/LocationSearch/10 <http://track.vuelio.uk.com/z.z?l=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uaHMudWsvU2VydmljZS1TZWFyY2gvUGhhcm1hY3kvTG9jYXRpb25TZWFyY2gvMTA%3d&r=4639409884&d=1054722&p=1&t=h&h=f9be4d22644634e334e6293f0e57e241>