Long Listing and Short Listing Process

After much deliberation, the NHS Future Fit Core Group have decided that the period of time between agreeing a  long list and a short list of options should be extendedin order to allow greater economic analysis.  It is necessary that this work is carried out so we can decide if any of the options on the long list aren’t affordable.

The Programme wants to avoid producing a shortlist that contains options that are not financially viable.

We have also taken into account feedback from the recent NHS Future Fit public workshops in August, where there was a clear message that the public wanted to know how the Programme’s plans will be resourced. This additional work will begin to provide an outline financial view of the options.

The previous plan assumed:

9 September: Evaluation panel to propose a Long List and evaluation criteria

17 September: Programme Board to consider the Panel’s proposals

30 September: Evaluation Panel to apply evaluation criteria to propose a shortlist

15 October: Programme Board to consider the Panel’s proposals.

Until the economic analysis of the long list has been properly defined, a date for shortlisting cannot be confirmed. It is not expected that this additional work will significantly add to the Programme’s overall timetable.

In order for this additional work to commence as quickly as possible, the Core Group has taken the decision not to wait until the Programme Board meeting on 17 September.

Yours sincerely,

Caron Morton &  David Evans
Senior Responsible Officers
NHS Future Fit