Message from David Evans Senior Responsible Officer

5 October 2016

Message from David Evans, Senior Responsible Officer

We have received specific concerns about the NHS Future Fit decision making process within the last 24 hours.

As we have had insufficient time to respond to the points raised, we have agreed it would not be appropriate to make a recommendation to the CCGs’ Boards today, although we have received the paper and all partners held a healthy discussion about its content.

We now plan to discuss with our partners and respond to the concerns we have received constructively, and we remain confident that the processes we have followed are robust and will deliver real improvements for all patients. We will then hold a further Programme Board and expect this to happen within a month.

While we recognise this will be frustrating to many people it is important that we follow due process. Failure to do this could ultimately cause further delay. It remains our intention to begin a public consultation in December 2016.

Many thanks