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Blog from Dave Evans

There has been some media speculation surrounding the potential use of new technologies in the NHS as part of the NHS Future Fit programme.

It is not our intention for any new technologies to be used as an alternative to face-to-face contact between clinicians and patients. For some patients who, for example, need a physical examination in the future, a face-to-face consultation is always going to be required. Patient choice remains at the centre of NHS services and whatever options develop in the future, people will still be able to choose how and where they are seen and treated – which is really important to us.

Given some of the rural issues across the county of Shropshire and the importance of seeing and treating patients as soon as possible, the use of secure technology, where appropriate is something we would not want to ignore, particularly where it has been used so effectively elsewhere to improve outcomes for patients.

We welcome anyone wishing to have their say about this and any other issues and encourage people to attend our September workshops or send in their comments as you have done. For a list of events and how else you can get involved please visit:

David Evans

Joint Senior Responsible Officer, NHS Future Fit